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How Magnetic Fields Affect The Living Body
1. The human body is surrounded by magnetic fields present on the earth, and the body is full of magnetic materials. Magnetic fields penetrate the body easily, because it is 70% water and offers no resistance. A strong magnet held on one side of the hand can easily affect the needle on a compass on the other side of the same hand.
2. Measurements show that tissue that has been exposed to a magnet will keep enhanced magnetic signals for sometime afterwards. Different types of magnets can produce these effects, including flat magnetic pads and electromagnets, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines and nerve conduction testing devices.
3. Claims of successful treatment have been made for many more conditions, including cancer, arthritis, headache, sleep disorders, neurological disease, stress-related conditions, and osteoporosis.
Specific factors now known to be involved in magnetic healing include:
  1. Increased blood flow with increased oxygen delivery to tissues, both of which are basic to healing.
  2. Normalization of calcium ion flow which can bring calcium ions in to heal a broken bone or can help move calcium out of painful, arthritic joints.
  3. The pH balance (acid/alkaline) of body fluids which are often out of balance in illness, can be altered by magnetic fields.
  4. Hormone production by the endocrine glands is normalized by magnetic stimulation.
  5. Enzyme activity and other biochemical processes are altered.
    Magnetic Fields pulsed at lower frequencies are used to relieve pain, inflammation and bruising. The higher frequencies increase the size of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow accelerating natural healing.
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