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Magnetic Cobblestone Walkway
                                                    Walk your way to better health
The Magnetic Cobblestone walkway is proven to improve your health.Take a barefoot walk on a Magnetic Cobblestone Walkway (also known as the Cobblestone Walkway) for foot reflexology and a great foot massage! Improve balance and circulation while reducing blood-pressure through daily practice of this simple, low impact exercise.
Cobblestone walking is an ancient health enhancing practice that has been known in China for thousands of years. Cobblestone walkways or foot reflexology parks exist all over China and are utilized by young and old for their health and meditative benefits. Now we will use more magnetic Cobblestone as walkway. Magnetic cobblestone is one health Cobblestone.
The positive effects of foot reflexology paths have become more widely recognized and cobblestone walking parks have now been created around the world. While the largest cobblestone walkway is in Jakarta, Indonesia, cobblestone walking parks are also found in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the United States.
¡¤         Walking on magnetic cobblestone walkway  is a safe way to improve physical function and reduce blood pressure in older adults;
¡¤         Cobblestone mat walking is useful for maintaining and promoting functional mobility and overall health in older adults;
¡¤         Walking on cobblestone mats provides an effective, therapeutic and health-enhancing exercise alternative.
Magnetic Cobblestone Walkway is made of  Magnetic cobblestone . And you can use some other stone to mix .
More information on the benefits of walking on
                                                                         CIYI  MAGNETIC COBBLESTONE.
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Mr.Zhang Long(Sales Manager)
CiYi Electronics Co., Ltd
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