+Magnetic Beads
  -Hematite Beads
  -Magnetic Beads
  -Power-Magnetic beads
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+Semi Precious Stone

+Magnetic Jewelry
  -Magnetic Jewelry Set
  -Magnetic Key Chain
  -Magnetic Ring
  -Magnetic Earring
  -Magnetic Wrap
  -Magnetic Bracelet
  -Magnetic Anklet
  -Magnetic Necklace
  -Magnetic Pendant

+Hematite Jewelry
  -Hematite Ring
  -Hematite Set
  -Hematite Pray Beads
  -Hematite Chain
  -Hematite Necklace
  -Hematite Earring
  -Hematite Pendant
  -Hematite Bracelet
  -Hematite Anklet
  -Hematite Mobile Chain

+Magnetic NdFeBr Jewelry
  -Magnetic NdFeBr Bracelet

+Magnetic Titanium Jewelry

+Magnetic Stainless Steel

+Magnetic Germanium Jewelry

+Magnetic Clasp
  -Magnetic Clasp 1
  -Magnetic Clasp 2
  -Magnetic Clasp 3

+Magnetic Health Product
  -Magnetic Hematite Cobble
  -Magnetic Health Tool

+Magnetic Toy
  -Magnetic Floating Toy
  -Neocube toy
  -Buzz Magnet

+Semi Precious Stone
+Pearl Jewelry
+Fashion Jewelry
+Jewelry Components
+Glass Beads
+Garment Textile Accessories


Power-Magnetic beads

3.Power-Magnetic Beads
Power Magnetic Beads

   There are a great variety shapes of semi-finished products. The length are all 16" per string , we sell them as string . The size please see the picture in the website or call us. The minimum quantity of one size is 100 strings.

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